Robert Sgarra, born in France in 1959, discovered painting at the age of 13 years. Self- taught, he is influenced by the great masters of art.
Sgarra is an artist with abundant creativity, giving us a rare alchemy that creates undefinable emotional moments. Sgarra’s work is fresh and imaginative. He is insatiable creative and simultaneously a sculptor, painter, plastician, and possesses a wide technique
mastered and ready to serve his flamboyant inspiration. Generous in its pictorial expression, imaginative in its sculptures, Sgarra can confuse some purists since his creativity can be dazzling with classic elements. His latest series one-of-a-kind artworks are created with layers of acrylic paint on innovative shapes and covered with shiny resin.
Robert Sgarra’s pop art and colorful characters are revisited in inventive and creative forms and colors, always with the same passion that encompasses him. His works have been exhibited and collected throughout Europe and North America.